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-EVO-Gaston Lautrec the Iron Warlord

Automated combat units Knight mk 24 demonstrate their worth on the battlefield for countless centuries.
It was the 4th generation with self-consciousness, and were introduced into combat for the first time in the third war of reconquest of the Kingdom of Camulodunum by Duke Philipe Le Corbusier.

Distinguished from older counterparts for greater agility and tactical flexibility at the expense of heavy armour practices in those centuries.
Although lower than the most recent models mk 33 remain a constant presence in the ranks of many armies due to lower maintenance costs and proven effectiveness.

The most renowned combat bot mk 24, is Gaston Lautrec celebrated by the famous Ballad of the Black Gate.
The automaton was distinguished by the slaughter of 3 models '' troll '' of the besiegers during the clash.
Only one left in the wake of the Holy Knight Jaques Motierre, the bot eliminated the 3 heavy mechanized units without ever touching the ground at the stendard of the black Citadel, maintaining its honor intact and earning the honor of free will.
It remained in service for another 75 years before finding his end in the Bay of Hilgast during the landing of the Northern army of Jarl Knutsson.
May his steel core persist for centuries.

'' Iron Chronicles’’ Elder scribe Antoine Matisse
Monastery of Bastogne anno domini 1456.

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